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Yeeahh! A semi-new blog about the Sims 2! According to my other blogs at tumblr and Livejournal there won't be a lot posting. Mostly commenting and such. Feel free to add me and write me and ask questions or whatever.

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Finally I have reached 100 followers over at my Tumblr and so I have some gifts for all of you :-)
Under the cut you will find a nice house for your Sims 2 and some Sims to live in it. Or not.

The following entry is picture-heavy!!!

...House, Sims and Downloadlinks under the cut...

First the Sims 2 Lot with lots of pics and then the 6 Sims for you to download!

The lot is a TS3 to TS2 conversion of Lhonna's "Sunflower" lot. She gave permission to rebuild it in TS2. I tried to stay focused on Lhonna's house, but I took some artistic freedom for my own ideas. Layout and idea are still by Lhonna. So thank you a lot for your permission!!

It is for a small family and comes furnished. I tried not to use much CC. Again, it's mostly recolors of EAxis objects. You might want to install it with CleanInstaller, so you can decide wether or not to install the CC. With all CC it will cost about 44.818 Simoleons.

This lot comes with some space for gardining and a parking space for your Sims cars. The living area is not that big: kitchen, livingroom and diningroom are in one big room. The house has to bathrooms and two bedrooms. Sims with the urge to paint have enought light on the balcony. The veranda gives your Sims space to sit and watch their neighbours or just relaxing in the sun.

Download Pine Creek Road

I have ALL EPs and Stuffpacks, so I suppose you will need them, too, to work that lot properly.

Now the Sims!
All of them are ingame-born.

This is Cassandra Gallagher. She is second child to Rory and Max Gallagher. Her best friend is her dog Breedee. She just left university with a degree in psychology. Now she lives in a small flat in her hometown Greenville.

Here are some Bodyshop-pics of Cassandra.

Download Cassandra

Here is Drew MacBain. He is Cassandra's cousin and left university with a degree in biology. In my game he lives in Pine Creek Road with his fiancée Brynna. They met at university. I suppose it was love at first sight for both :-)

Download Drew

Now comes the gorgeous blonde Kayleigh Kerr. With her name I had in mind she become a beautiful girl with black hair and navy blue eyes. Unfortunatley both her parents had blond hair and neither of them had blue eyes. So, Kayleigh now has blond hair, but still is beautiful :-) She went to university together with her cousins Drew and Cassandra. She studied art. She wants to open an Art Gallary in her hometome Greenville. Kayleigh lvie together with her boyfriend Luke.

Download Kayleigh

This is Niall O'Keefe, and (so you maybe guessed) he is a cousin to Drew, Kayleigh and Cassandra. His mother Ruby died at his birth. So he and his father lived a few years with his grandparents Patty and Sean.  Later Niall's father met Lana and her daughter Siobhan and all move in together. Niall has four sibblings and his half-sister Siobhan. Both are the same age and went together with their cousins to university. After university Niall moved in together with his girlfriend Oona.

Download Niall

Now it's Shane's turn. He not related to any of the above introduced Sims. Yet. Greenville is a very small town. Shane Bennett has an older sister Lily and lives in a flat with some of his unversity mates. He studied mathematics and is quite good at it.

Download Shane

At last but not least: This is Zoey Austen. As Shane she is not related to the other fellows. She studied at the Sims-State-University drama. She lives with her boyfriend Cole in a small condo in Greenville.

Download Zoey

Thanks to all the wonderful CC-Creators! You are all the best!!!
Please do not upload my Sims and Lots somewhere else.

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